Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting

Become a tequila expert in El Techo Mexicano

Our tequila tastings are composed of:

• Presentation: Conference with a specialized person supported by el Consejo regulador de Tequila
• Short introduction to Tequila
• Projection of the video about the Consejo regulador del Tequila
• Talk: Definition and Origin of Tequila / Process of Industrial and handcrafted Production
• The Tequila in Colombia and the World
• Tastings: With the diferents types of tequila (White, Old and Traditional) and
• Categories of tequila: (Mix and 100% of Agave) and Sangrita Jar
• Uses: Coctails that can be elaborated by tequila, Mexican plates, desserts
• Questions and Answers

Assembly for the tequila tasting

• At the table started with the presentation witf five glasses to know the varieties of tequila. Including sangrita
• Dishes with lemon and salt
• Dishes with soda crackers or baguette bread
• Book your tequila tasting with a week in anticipation
• Minimum group of 5 people

What are you waiting for living a new adventure in El Techo Mexicano

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